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The Niuhi

Dive Boat

The Niuhi is a 25 foot Sea Cat Catamaran powered by twin Yamaha 150 horsepower 4-stroke engines. It's a comfortable 6-pack and provides a quick, stable ride to the many available dive locations on the Pensacola Gulf Coast.

The Niuhi is outfitted with redundant electronic systems, VHF radio with built-in DSC locating system, premium Bose stereo, fresh and saltwater rinse down, organized tank stowage, custom dive ladder, a cabin for dry storage and changing, all required coast guard equipment, emergency oxygen and first aid kits. Water and snacks are provided on all dive charters.

The boat is named "Niuhi" (ny-u-ee) which is Hawaiian for Tiger Shark and is the basis for many Hawaiian legends. It was named in honor of a Captain buddy of mine who, while not in the marines, still swims like one.

Scuba Diving Charter Boat Niuhi

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Pensacola Dive Charter Boat Niuhi

What To Bring

Captain Andy provides his charter customers with water, ice, sports drinks, and surface interval snacks. It is very important for you to bring your own sunscreen, seasickness medications, bathing suits, towels, and any prescription medications you may require during the charter. Seasickness medication is usually most effective if taken the evening BEFORE your charter leaves the dock.

It′s sunny on the Pensacola Gulf Coast, so you may also want to bring a wide-brimmed hat, and a long-sleeved rash-guard.

You will be required to provide certification card(s) for the dives you are planning, so don′t forget to bring your C-card

Obviously you′ll also want to bring your scuba gear. The scuba equipment that you bring should be appropriate for the dives you are planning. It is not acceptable to show up for a technical dive with single-tank recreational gear. Personal Dive Computers (PDC) are HIGHLY recommended. If you don′t dive with a computer, be sure to remember your tables and a bottom timer.

If you need help finding rental gear, please let Captain Andy know as far in advance as possible. The Niuhi carries no extra dive gear, so if you show up without a regulator, you're probably not going to dive.

It′s also a good idea to bring a small save-a-dive kit, with spare O-rings, batteries, etc. The Captain can help you make arrangements if you need to rent any scuba equipment that you may need for your charter.

Please show up on time, and be prepared to leave the dock 10-15 minutes after the posted charter time. You can save yourself some time by printing and filling out the waiver before you come to the boat.

We have space for your dive bags and boxes but please pack reasonably.

Please assemble your scuba unit at one of the tank holders. Some people assemble their gear before they board, which is good too!

Let the crew know if you have any special requests, we′ll try our best to accommodate you.

Divemasters work for tips, and the customary gratuity for a dive charter is 20% of trip cost. If you feel the crew went the extra mile to make your day fun and safe, please show your appreciation at the tip jar.

pensacola dive charter
panhandle scuba charter boat

Dive Charter

Captain Andy Ross

Andy Ross

was raised in a military family and was fortunate enough to have lived in some pretty amazing places like the Philippines, Guam, and Hawaii. Captain Andy earned his first dive certification in Guam, and has since found his way under the waters of Honduras, Belize, Palau, Mexico, and of course the Pensacola Gulf Coast.

Captain Andy′s appreciation for the underwater world eventually led him to become a divemaster, where he began learning the ins and outs of the scuba charter industry. Now a licensed captain and technical diver with thousands of dives under his belt, Captain Andy has built a reputation as an experienced guide with a total commitment to the safety and comfort of his passengers.

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